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About Sogn

Sogn farm is located at about
1 km from the centre of the village Svarstad and at about 300 meters from the Numedalslågen River. The farm is built on a hilltop in a beautiful scenery and offers a panoramic view over the valley.. The river Numendalslågen is one of the best salmon rivers in Norway and attracts many fishermen from all over Europe. Beside salmon one finds plenty freshwater fish like trout, pike, eel, grayling, perch and gwynead. Sogn farm is not far from the coast so people who like saltwater fishing can go for a fish in one of the many fjords.

H. Skinnes & K. Koomen, Sognsveien 92 3275 Svarstad. Tlf. +47 33128215 / +47 95482848 / 47266624. Email: