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Prices and booking

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Sogn Stabbur/ up to 5 persons
Sogn stabbur is a very cosy chalet with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside, built in Telemark style.
There are 3 storeys of each 20 square meters: an attic with 2 sleeping rooms; a living room and a kitchen and a basement floor.
Sogn Lågensikt/ up to 7 persons
Sogn Lagensikt is a very cosy 100 m2 apartment in log stile with magnificent panorama view on the river, valley, mountains and the ski-resourt. The apartment consist of a bath-room, a kitchen, 2 sleeping rooms, a living room and a veranda at the south.

Sogn Stabbur
(Price NOK)

Week 3500,-
Weekend (friday 12.00 am – sunday 12.00 pm) * 1500,-
24 hours midweek 600,-

* one saturday solely, one sunday solely = ½ weekendprice

Sogn Lågensikt
(Price NOK)

Week 4000,-
Weekend (friday 12.00 am – sunday 12.00 pm) * 1600,-
24 hours 600,-

* kun en lørdag, kun en søndag = ½ weekend pris

Sheets/quilt cover/ towel: 150,- . Optional, can also be done by visitor
Cleaning: 80,- . Optional, can also be done by visitor





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Please, write som words about yourselfs, and do not hestitate to ask questions:


H. Skinnes & K. Koomen, Sognsveien 92 3275 Svarstad. Tlf. +47 33128215 / +47 95482848 / 47266624. Email: